Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Alex Ross-Iver FACTs + Music Production FAQ:

Alex Ross-Iver -> award winning singer-songwriter, UK Top 20 Club Chart Hitmaker , indie film score composer, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, remixer, experimental/background music specialist, scat-singer, magazine owner/music journalist (, publisher, digital artist/painter, and online activist, is best known for his 'anti-serious' indie/experimental/electronic music & works with:

CHRISTOPHE CHANTZIS /(alpha omega records) (producer for: Ian Van Dahl, Samantha Cole, Ace of Base, Grammy Award-winning LeAnn Rimes, Praga Khan, Lasgo, DJ Tiësto, Peter Luts, Absolom, Astroline, Dee Dee, One More Angel etc), ERIK HUBO (Nico Parisi vs. Erik Hubo - Warner Music Norway , EMI Music Belgium),
[...Christophe Chantzis & Erik Vanspauwen are Belgian's most successful Artists/Producers in the UK ever, Through the years all Alpha Omega team members collected an impressive amount of Awards: TOP OF THE POPS Award "Top Dance" (beating Moby, Basement Jaxx,..), MTV Dance Star Award, DI Award UK 'Best Act', TMF Award, Musicbeat Germany 'Best Single Dance International', International Dance Music Award USA, Smashhits Award UK, Veronica Award Holland etc...A dozen official UK top20's, 35 Belgian top40's, european dance top 10's, best sold dance single & album of the year UK]

MORE INFO: Magazine's new avant-guard-sex symbol and One of the only few Eastern European artists to ever achieve success outside of his home country, Alex started his international career as the founder of '!', the world's most Eccentric electroindie band. Alex's experimental 'anti-serious' melodies and introspective pseudo-lyrics are catchy enough to stay with you all day/night -> Download Alex’s Most Popular Songs on iTunes ( & Amazon ( CD Compilation /Ross-Iver Music LICENSING INFORMATION:

All songs are available for licensing. Instrumental versions are also available for immediate sync licensing. For more information contact: arossiver(at)gmail(dot)com


Driving forces behind Alpha Omega Records are award winning producers Christophe Chantzis & Erik Vanspauwen. Based in Belgium our gifted writer/producers team quickly conquered the world with their infectious beats and catchy song lines. With accumulated sales reaching 10 000 000 in singles and albums and tracks on over 100 000 000 compilations we can say our prodigious team truly have made their mark on the world of (dance) music.

Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen were responsible for one of the biggest dance acts of the last decade, Ian van Dahl. Writing, producing, editing and engineering each track on the album that became ‘best sold dance album of the year’ in the UK and opened the door for dance music in the charts and on the radio all over the world. Actually Christophe Chantzis & Erik Vanspauwen are Belgian’s most successful artists in the UK ever !! iTunes USA number 1 downloaded album. Best sold dance album & dance single of the year UK. Numerous European, UK & German dance number 1’s. The list goes on and on. Example: Christophe Chantzis managed to have a release in the Belgian Dance Chart for an uninterrupted period of 3 years !!

Their music is used in films, series and computer games all over the globe: Ugly Betty, Sex & The City, All my children, Neighbours, Pimp my ride, MTV Hit List, XBox, Nintendo, Konami,...the list goes on and on. Today Alpha Omega Records controls an ever growing sync catalogue of over 4500 tracks !!!

Through the years our talented team collected an impressive amount of awards: Top of The Pops Award ‘Top Dance’ (beating Moby, Basement Jaxx,..), MTV Dance Star Award, DI Award UK ‘Best Act’, Musicbeat Germany ‘Best Single Dance International’, International Dance Music Award USA, etc...

Some of the artists blessed with the ‘Alpha Omega’ touch of our gifted producers are DJ Tiësto, TJ Davis, LeAnn Rimes, Praga Khan, Daddy DJ, Lasgo, Kelly Llorenna, Ace of Base, Milk Inc, Puldriver, Conjure One...